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DALRC XR215 Plus Frame Built-in PDB OSD Buzzer BEC





DALRC XR215 Plus Frame Built-in PDB OSD Buzzer BEC


  • DALRC XR215 Plus Frame Built-in PDB OSD Buzzer BEC
  • DALRC XR215 Plus Frame Built-in PDB OSD Buzzer BEC
  • DALRC XR215 Plus Frame Built-in PDB OSD Buzzer BEC



DALRC XR215 PLUS Carbon Fiber FPV Racing Frame Kit with Built in PDB OSD Buzz BEC LED

XR215 plus is upgraded version based on xr215 which optimized several parts makes the frame perform even better , side plate,top plate thickness change to 1.5mm,short body frame and narrower, to reduce the total weight (new veriosn weigh 115g),PDB size smaller gives more room to mounting ESC, added current detection on PDB,(calculate current consume),added no FC connected current and voltage display fuction , wider cam adjustable angle, arms change to detachable,added triangular aluminum gear to mount arms, easy to  maintain.

Built in PDB and OSD, VTX switch as well as Beeper, OSD supports voltage , flight time, artificial horizontal, Mode display ,tuning PID with remote controllor,FC need to be connected)
Built in double source 5V/12V 2A BEC low ripple battery,camera 5v/12v switchable, free given welding wire,XT60 Battery wire, motor pretectors. 3.5mm full 3k carbon 2-in-one arm, expecting arms all other plate thick 2mm which is very durable.guard plate mounting on the heard part , 8 led 7 colors rear led plate, clear layout easy to build, the frame adopted import Taiwan YFS bolt ,post ect with high precise and strong durability , flying speed reach to 130km/h

Brand: DALRC
Item No.: XR215 PLUS
Material: carbon fiber
Diagonal wheelbase: 215mm
Carbon weight: 115g
Size: 17i * 131mm 
Built in mini OSD, support voltage, flight time, horizon mode (FC is required)
Built in dual way 12V/5V BEC low ripple power supply
Built in Beeper (FC is required)
Camera 5V/12V voltage switchable
Come with Solderless wire, XT60 battery wire
Lens fasten cardboard (pitch up 25°)
Nylon fiber motor protection base
Antenna holes and outlet hole, easy fasten antenna and power cable, protective ring
3.5mm 3K integrated arm
2mm carbon fiber except arm, high strength
Collision insurance board is added at head part
8 lights 7colors LED taillight
High strength lightweight aluminum column
Adopts Taiwan imports YFS screw, nut, high precision and durable
Can reach 130KM/H

Recommend configuration (Package not included):
Motor: 2204/2206/2208
Propeller : 4 inch / 5 inch
Working voltage : 3-4S

G2204 KV2300 motor
DALPROP 5045 propeller MR1172
1300mAh 3S battery
RS2205 KV2300 motor
DALPROP 5045 triblade T5045
1300mAh 4S battery


組裝類型 KIT/自行組裝
組合套裝 飛行器
發布日期 2016年1月28日



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