Certificates in Operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems
(Commercial / Recreational)

Official UAS School in Hong Kong
FlyCamHK is the 1st organization to provide drone courses in Hong Kong. Since year 2013, we have partnered with FevaWorks IT Education Center - the registered school (ED553581/ED553590) and market leader in IT Education to provide UAS aerial filming certificate courses to the public, government and commercial organizations in Hong Kong/Macau. We have over 25,000 graduated students who are now participating in many UAS projects for different industries.


International Recognized Instructors

With FlyCamHK's strong background in the model aircraft industry, our full-time UAS technical teams consists of several top-graded instructors. They includes R/C Aircraft Pilots with over 20 years experiences and participated in many worldwide competitions (F3D/F3C), DJI Certified Support Engineer,  Production Director, AOPA China Master Instructor as well as senior pilots with the EuroUSC's Basic National UAS Certificate (BNUC-S) and UAV Academy's PfCO which are the qualification recognized by ICAO and Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (CAD).

CAD UAS Permit Application
We have successfully applied the Charter Permits for Operating UAS from CAD over 100 times. Our certificated trainers have provided qualified UAS courses and certificates to government departments, commercial organizations and private groups as well as to apply the CAD UAS permits for them. We have also provided drones training to many schools, universities, companies and NGOs.

Safety and Liability
We not only have the most professional UAS training team, but also provide free HK$20,000,000 Worldwide Public Liability / Third-p
arty insurance for all of our UAS training courses and operations.

We believe FlyCamHK is the only company with the most professional UAS teams in Asia!

T: +852 6653 7050 | A: Shop 19, G/F, 680 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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